The ciedec i nternational congress economy and canadian d evelopment

the international congress of economy and canadian development (ciedec) .a canadian law of charity organization. at international vocation. the goals and objectives include: to assist individuals, individuals and organizations around the world to make their loans for business, education, economic development, protection of the environment or helped to achieve .to their current projects financially or to support organizations interested in issues of social, economic and environmental and various humanitarian projects through donations and funding. to inform to educate and raise awareness to limit the spread of hiv / aids, support and defend the causes of those already infected and affected by the pandemic of the century; to promote the welfare of mankind through strengthening capacity of charitable organizations to allow them to develop and implement sustainable programs

purpose of the congress ciedec

will be allowed at the convention, especially those invited by a member of ciedec, ngo representatives, directors, private, associations and delegates from different countries. we also need competent staff and leaders to represent ciedec in other countries. since 2000 the ciedec supports the struggle of research programs against aids in africa and the middle east. thus, we are launching an invitation to view a thirty ngos, associations, doctors, herbalists, therapists, and all health bodies around the world and especially those from southern countries to take part in the meetings. the conference will be an excellent opportunity for the public professionals to present their programs, research, policies and practices. this is also the time for everyone to seize the opportunity to begin a fruitful dialogue on the intergovernmental nature of public health. the conference also aims to support research projects in the field of health at the place of the southern countries where the rate of hiv / aids, malaria and other major scourges continues to increase. the initiative was developed by the undp / human report 2010, supported by the un, the world bank (wb) international monetary fund (imf) and the international centre of crédit mutuel (icmc). personal; ngos, associations, doctors, medical delegates and community health workers ... participants will receive a grant to study assessed original projects that they will have to submit to the staff of ciedec.

important notice
today in search of all emergencies of experienced personnel in the following areas: management control, accountancy, human resource management, project editing, corporate communications, business rights, social science, international trade, transportation and logistics, office workers, bilingual secretariat computerized secretariat, food, handler, credit card operator, project finance, insurance, engineering, information technology, marketing & action commercial, team leader, network technician and computer scientist, engineer and sanitation and water hydrologist engineer. we seek above all people capable of adapting to our working environment. we organize this conference as part of the promotion of employment for the globalization of developing countries in particular africa and the caribbean islands.

our sponsors will cover the following costs for participants.
-your flight go / back in your country canada
-your housing and alimony.
- your framing logistics.
- your social insurance in case of sickness during your stay.
after the congress of paris each participating in right to bonus $ 3,500 dollars and after the congress of canada each participant is entitled to still bonus $ 5,500 dollars end of the congress.

parts required ciedec eddition 2016
-one of the registration form ciedec busy (to be sent once you decide to join the conference itself)
- a copy of your passport or a copy of your identity card
- two recent passport photos
respond to our address
mail: grande_conferance.canada@outlook.fr
thanks for your understanding

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